Phone Mockup

Design Processes
Refining Concepts
Market Research
Copy Writing
There is a lack of knowledge and information in the demographics surveyed and there is a clear desire for the features the app offers. The test portal feature is one of the most desired features, 18 out of 21 of those surveyed said they would be interested in an app with that feature. Over 66% of those surveyed said they have never been tested for STDs.

Survey Poll Results

App Logo Sketches

Digitalized App Logos

The logo sketches show different variations and drafts playing with both imagery and text together, as well as separately. The stages consist of using the plum fruit as a standalone logo and then testing several versions with and without incorporated text. Purple was also the main color theme as the plum fruit is purple itself.
I started out with multiple versions of the main sign up and login pages-working around how I wanted to background to look. At the beginning of the process my background started very busy and eventually toned down to be more minimalistic with the use of white space and the purple color theme.

Wireframe Sketches

Digitalized Wireframes

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