Design Processes
Refining Concepts
Market Research
Copy Writing
Refining Concepts
These spreads were a part of the early design phases and helped me explore different layout options. I wanted to make sure each spread was unique in design, but also remained consistent and cohesive throughout.
Research, Copy Writing & Photography
The following spreads of the magazine are to highlight some of the design processes. The timeline page showcases some of the extensive research I conducted, as it includes individual information on each album and key moments in the bands history. The editor’s note spread showcases my own copy writing and photography. I was able to include a lot of my own images of the band throughout the magazine.
The fans first spread showcases one of the three interviews I conducted for the content of the magazine. I was able to reach out to notable fan accounts within the Ghost community, as well as popular cosplayers. The spread with the graphic of the United States, was to highlight the many different locations the band was visiting that year.

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